Shanghai confirms second case of vcreate your own silicone braceletirus

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Shanghai confirmed the second new corona virus-related pneumonia case on Tuesday morning following the first one reported around 12 hours ago, according to the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission.

The patient, a 35-year-old man from Shanghai, went to Central China"s Wuhan city, Hubei province, on Jan 8 and returned to Shanghai three days later. He developed symptoms, including fever, coughing and running nose, after returning from the city where so far around 200 cases, including four deaths from the disease, had been reported by midnight Sunday.

The man went to a local hospital on Jan 16 and was put into quarantine immediately. He was later tested positive by Shanghai"s disease control and prevention authority and was confirmed as a new corona virus-related pneumonia case after expert evaluation.

He was in stable condition and his temperature was normal. People with close contact to him were undergoing medical observation.

There are another four suspicious cases under medical observation, the health commission said.

Shanghai"s first confirmed case was a 56-year-old woman, a native of Wuhan. She traveled to Shanghai from Wuhan on Jan 12 and went to hospital and was quarantined on Jan 15 after developing symptoms of fever and fatigue.

She was also in stable condition and her temperature was normal. Two people who had close contact with her in Shanghai were under medical observation.

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